IMG 0796 - Euston Square - full of holes!

Euston Square is most definitely an unkempt London destination!
Potholes, crappy gardens, dodgy pedestrian routes, awkward access points to bus station, vandallised information boards, litter strewn flower beds etc, etc!

IMG 2101 - Euston Square - full of holes!
Sign gets bashed by skateboarders!

When I wrote my features last year on Euston Square I really noticed how scruffy the ‘square’ was and how terribly unmaintained it looked. The all-important sign shown above denoting two of the most important locations in the area was just left there in an extremely vandalised state. Goodness knows how long it’s been like this!
I noticed some very bad potholes and dangerous looking pavements. Have they been remedied since I did my photo surveys last year? Let’s take a look. The first picture is from early November last year, looking towards the main road, shows one pothole that’s definitely dangerous for anyone who unfortunately happens to step into that exact spot…
IMG 2174 - Euston Square - full of holes!
The next set of pictures are from April this year (eg yesterday 4 April 2016). The view looks towards the station and its clear this pavement is definitely a lot worse! As well as the one big pothole which has worsened so much more, there are many bricks newly loosened. This is an important pedestrian route to a major London railway terminal!!
IMG 0796 - Euston Square - full of holes!
Clearly there’s been an outbreak of pot-hole-ism in Euston Square and no-one has yet found a remedy for this debilitating disease!
Even trees in the area are in a dangerous condition. There’s one in Euston Road with a fine good drop that could smash the ankles of an unsuspecting walker. Yes I noticed one tree’s pit by the square appears to have had remedial work, hopefully others will follow.
The pic below shows yet another bit of the Euston Square pavements about to succumb to this mysterious pot-hole disease.
IMG 0794 - Euston Square - full of holes!
Camden Council take notice!