IMG 4011 - Abbey Road's new shop

I visited the Abbey Road shop today – even though its been open since November. Actually I did not know of it – only discovered it whilst passing through the area!

IMG 4011 - Abbey Road's new shop
The Abbey Road shop’s ‘wonderpass’ entrance

There’s a nice ‘wonderpass’ approach to the store which is full of information and chronology regarding the studios and its Beatles connections.
IMG 3986 - Abbey Road's new shop
Beatles’ historic memorabilia and photographs

Its an interesting store sited in the basement of No.5 Abbey Road, next to the world-famous studios. There’s historical stuff related to the Beatles, as well as a wide range of Fab Four souvenirs plus Pink Floyd and other bands.
IMG 3998 - Abbey Road's new shop
Part of the Abbey Road Studios store

The shop was opened in November 2015 and very little was made in the press of the fact. Its first signs went up in December – even at the time of writing these were still not complete.
IMG 3985 - Abbey Road's new shop
Lots of Pink Floyd/Dark Side of the Moon memorabilia too!

IMG 3980 - Abbey Road's new shop
General view of the store

The shop’s current opening times (Feb 2016):
times - Abbey Road's new shop