IMG 0330 - A Tyburn myth demolished!

Charlbert Street bridge across the Regent’s Canal is designed as such for both aesthetic and practical purposes. Its gracious curves belie the fact it was originally designed to accomodate the course of the Tyburn river (as a bricked in underground course) and it means that the Tyburn itself approaches the bridge at a curve, gradually smoothing into a straight section across the middle part of the bridge before curving away once again.

darton1817 - A Tyburn myth demolished!
Darton’s 1817 map showing aqueduct. Source: Mapco

Nevertheless it is claimed the Tyburn does not pass through this bridge. Major London bloggers – Londonist, Diamond Geezer and others say it does, thus repeating an error.
Some writers like Andrew Duncan, in his book Secret London, question this alleged river crossing over the canal:
secretlondon - A Tyburn myth demolished!
Source: Secret London, Andrew Duncan, P29

I find that the bridge/aqueduct originally did carry waters belonging to the Tyburn and it did at one time feed the lakes in Regent’s Park. The supply was indeed switchable in three ways as the following text from 1819 shows:
report1819 - A Tyburn myth demolished!
What appears to have happened occurred in similar fashion to the nearby Westbourne River in Hyde Park. The supply from the Westbourne to the Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens’ lakes was cut off for health reasons, and no doubt the same was applied to the Tyburn at Regent’s Park.
It seems the major accident at Regent’s Park in 1867 causing the shallowing of the lakes might have been a contributory factor in ending the direct flow to the park’s lakes (although it may have ended earlier.) The documentation is sketchy, providing no real clues of any dates for the changes.
IMG 0330 - A Tyburn myth demolished!
Charlbert Street bridge – no longer carries the Tyburn river

The ‘Tyburn’ definitely goes under the Regents Canal near the A41 Park Road bridge these days, and then passing beneath that road all the way to Baker Street, not once touching Regent’s Park.
It is most ironic some bloggers claim the Tyburn passes across Charlbert St bridge when other bloggers have publicised maps of London’s sewers clearly showing the ‘Tyburn’ (aka the KSPS) flow as being via the Park Road route! That is, not over the canal at that point but underneath it!
Further proof of the Tyburn NOT passing through Charlbert St bridge comes via the image below. This used to be on the Silent UK website and which I have previously used on the London Canals wesbite) was once thought to have shown the Tyburn’s course (and thus the KSPS) passing through the Charlbert St bridge.
northbank - A Tyburn myth demolished!
The discovery of some old documents actually show that the Tyburn’s flow through its sewer (and the pipes shown in the image above) does go under the Regent’s Canal at a location about 25 metres west of Park Road bridge. The twin pipes were installed in 1865.
(Updated 2nd March 2016)