IMG 0228A - The Wonderpass is open!

The Wonderpass entrance one week after its official opening.

The former subway underneath Marylebone Road at Baker Street is finally open as Wonderpass. The official opening took place on 29th January 2016 with participants from TfL, City of Westminster, University of Westminster, Baker Street Quarter, Royal Academy of Music, Bigg Design, and others.

IMG 0100 - The Wonderpass is open!
The boarded-up entrance to the former unloved underpass October 2015

The underpass was originally built in the sixties but had become one of those many unloved underpasses. Others along the same roadway have been filled in leaving just one or two of the very important underpasses. That at Baker Street was one of these hence its rejuvenation as Wonderpass – an experience designed to encourage people to use it instead of the overcrowded and somewhat dangerous road crossings above.

IMG 0092 - The Wonderpass is open!
Marylebone Road Subway closure notice & Wonderpass plans announced on billboards

Wonderpass is just as it says on the label. Its full of interest including factoids, small exhibition windows, peepholes that give snippets of the area’s history. And its painted in a bright red/white colour scheme.

IMG 0183 - The Wonderpass is open!
One of the exhibition modules gives glimpses of London’s early tube history
IMG 0192 - The Wonderpass is open!
Model of Madame Tussauds’ early waxworks
IMG 0202 - The Wonderpass is open!
Wonderpass just wouldn’t be the same without mention of Sherlock!
bstq - The Wonderpass is open!
#Wonderpass Before / After. A slight difference right? Source: @BakerStreetQ
ramusic - The Wonderpass is open!
Royal Academy Music at the Wonderpass opening. Source: @RoyalAcadMusic
bstq1 - The Wonderpass is open!
Wonderpass official opening. Source: @BakerStreetQ
biggdesign - The Wonderpass is open!
Wonderpass lollipops! Source @BiggDesign

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