IMG 1711 - London's strangest festive trees #1

This is the first of two parts about the erstwhile, bygone, Christmas!
Part 1) Damien Hirst’s tree in Mayfair

hirstwex 1 - London's strangest festive trees #1
Hirst Xmas Tree controversy in West End Extra 11 Dec 2015

IMG 1757 - London's strangest festive trees #1
The Damien Hirst Xmas Tree, Mount Row, Mayfair

A novel 30ft tall xmas tree has sprouted up in Central London and stirred controversy.
IMG 1711 - London's strangest festive trees #1
Instead of baubles and candles, its got medicine jars, syringes, razor-sharp blades and strings of sausages, giving an alternative xmas message!

The Connaught Hotel, who commissioned the tree says it “has been dressed with over 300 decorations, including a series of festively reimagined medical instruments, snowmen formed of giant pills, as well as traditional white doves – a symbol of hope, beauty and fragility –  and garlands of pink sausages, playfully reflecting the idea of Christmas being a time of plenty.” (Source: Connaught website)

Hirst himself says of the tree: It is “a celebration of togetherness, a joyful symbol of hope and love. For the decorations, I wanted to reference some of the amazing things that give us hope in the world today.” (Source: Daily Beast)
IMG 1706 - London's strangest festive trees #1
One news source calls the tree ‘drugged’ whilst another claims it is a ‘christmas drugs nightmare.’
IMG 1736 - London's strangest festive trees #1
Conversely Harper’s Bazaar took the opposite route and declared Hirst’s tree one of the ‘best christmas trees of 2015.’ 🙂
IMG 1709 - London's strangest festive trees #1
I personally think it is a very good tree. Anything that de-traditionalises the generic image of a xmas tree has to be excellent! 🙂
Not only that it is/it was sited next to the unusual water feature in Mount Street, which expels a thick cloud of steam every 15 minutes.