IMG 2732 - Paddington trilogy #1 Telegraph

I’m sure there’s hardly anywhere in London with a complex telegraph pole system that remains. The odd pot and bracket, still working of course, can still be found on the walls of buildings across London, but not a jolly mighty bunch of pots strung together. This sight were once everywhere up and down the UK, on poles, on walls, countless wires strung right across streets, up and down our roads and alongside the railways, canals, carrying the country’s communications systems.
IMG 2737 - Paddington trilogy #1 TelegraphIMG 2724 - Paddington trilogy #1 Telegraph
This unusual set, still with their complete set of telegraph wires attatched, exist on a building that is historic, yet little known. This is the Mint Building which was built for an unusual purpose. More of that in part two of this series.
The structure is part of the St Mary’s Hospital complex just round the corner from Paddington railway station. The area is due for a major culture shock as a new super slim tower (discussed here) is to be built right adjacent to the Mint wing, and no doubt much of the area’s previously unknown character will be subject to intrusive scrutiny.
IMG 2732 - Paddington trilogy #1 Telegraph
One cannot fathom a reason for the continued existence of the building’s telegraph system, nevertheless it has survived – and for how much longer? The great puzzle is the remainder of the telegraph system along South Wharf Road has been removed, brackets, pots wires n’ all. Why did they leave this bit?
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The popular notion that the pots and crossbars should always be pointed towards Central London do not seem to apply here. Those on one wall point the opposite way, that out of London! Those at the other point to ‘central’ London. Seeing as this is part of central London it seems ultimately it didnt matter which way the brackets faced!
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This is the first of a series on Paddington’s history, centered upon it’s South Wharf Road.