03 1 - King's Cross Coal Drops

The news re go-ahead for the coal drops at the old King’s Cross goods yard seemed like a good time for me to dig out pics of the goods yard in early 2000’s just before major re-development began.
The photos clearly show how the coal drops were once, and just how much of these will be removed in the new plans. Conservationists are against the plans.
The Victorian Society says: ‘It is an innovative response to a desire for more space… the proposals pay no respect to the listed status of the Eastern Coal Drops, disfiguring the roofscape to the degree of substantial harm.’
2015 - King's Cross Coal Drops
Heatherwick plans for King’s Cross coal drops: Source Standard
07 - King's Cross Coal Drops
Same view 14 years earlier showing just how much of the coal drops will be removed
04 - King's Cross Coal Drops
A major part of these coal drops will be removed for the new King’s Cross shopping arcade
05 - King's Cross Coal Drops
The buildings seen will be much modified in the plans for the coal drops yard – half the roof will be raised to meet that of the other side – like two slugs as some say!
Note: It seems quite possible that the removal of so much of the arches will ironically restrict just how much disabled people will be able to use the upper levels as the remaining ones could be quite narrow.
Another note (Sept 2017): Thanks to Reconnections for alerting me to the fact the images had gone missing. Restored now of course. I need to do an updated post as new pictures have been taken showing the current works at the Coal Drops Yard. Plus some before/after pictures of other parts of King’s Cross Goods Yards.