IMG 0847 - A Size Zero Tardis!

tardis - A Size Zero Tardis!
Everyone knows of Doctor Who and his Tardis, the time travelling police call box that is bigger on the inside than the outside.
London once had dozens of these ‘Tardises’ but none remain. The most famous is probably the one at Earl’s Court which is actually a replica built in 1996.
London however has a number of examples of what I would describe as a size zero Tardis. There’s this one right in the middle of Piccadilly Circus next to the tube station entrance:
img 0843 - A Size Zero Tardis!
When one considers the size of the famous Tardis, no doubt these smaller Tardises reflect somewhat those extremely thin models seen in fashion. Clearly what this very thin version of the Tardis is! A size zero!
Eight of these size zero Tardis still remain dotted around Central London, the ones on the Embankment by the Thames, and another at Liverpool Street, being perhaps the other more well known examples.
1953 - A Size Zero Tardis!This photograph – Policeman using police telephone box in 1953 – from Pinterest shows the Piccadilly call box in use, this is well over sixty years ago!
This Piccadilly call box sadly seems to have suffered some vandalism, the small side glass panels are broken + pieces of wood placed to cover up the openings.
IMG 0847 - A Size Zero Tardis!
A size zero Tardis would present no problems for Doctor Who – since it’ll always be bigger on the inside 🙂