IMG 9353 - The Miner

IMG 9295 - The MinerThe Miner – A Living Statue!

This is perhaps my favourite. A very simple concept too. Many living statues seem to be of fantasy figures however The Miner represents a real figure – in this case perhaps the coal miner, once a common sight in Britain, although the plinth he stands on seems to have what appear to be gold ingots, but they could easily be bricks used in mine construction.IMG 9285 - The Miner
The Miner’s ‘adit’ complete with rail tracks and trucks – plus a curious tourist!
I don’t know how long The Miner’s been around, however its clear he has developed his outlook considerably. The plinth he stood on was a plain one with less exquisite lamps, plus a spade replaces the pick-axe he previously used.IMG 9355 - The Miner
The Miner’s plinth now has a miniature coal-face adorned with a railway, rail tracks, trucks and lamps that really do light up 🙂IMG 9348 - The Miner

Selfie time with The Miner!

He can be found on London’s South Bank near the London Eye. A popular draw with visitors! Naturally everyone tries to poke him or get him to blink but since he is a statue he can’t 🙂IMG 9353 - The Miner

Everyone wants to make sure he is a real statue and they try all sorts of tricks ranging from waving in The Miner’s face, to clapping their hands, poking him in the legs, shouting, trying to give him a shock, but much to the amusement of many, The Miner does not flinch 🙂

IMG 9336 - The Miner

IMG 9370 - The Miner

IMG 9371 - The Miner

Clap hands, pull faces, waves in front of face, come on wakey, wakey, dozy miner! But he won’t flinch one little bit!When everyone has gone – or no one is looking even, The Miner comes to life, takes a rest, does a couple of short paces up & down before resuming his duties 🙂