IMG 0344 - King's Cross - a natural tilt-shift?

Does King’s Cross now have a natural tilt-shift feature? Before the rebuilding of the railway lands at the side of King’s Cross station this could not be claimed. There were once narrow side cobbled roads with gas holders and a number of very old, crumbling, blocks terrace houses and flats.
However with the new construction now popping up all along the new King’s Boulevard towards Granary Square, there certainly seem to be some great perspectives in the offering that are now being opened up for the first time. Some of these perspectives as I have found appear to give an almost natural tilt-shift effect.
Even the underground signs and the street lamps seem to have taken on a toy-like appearance 🙂IMG 0344 - King's Cross - a natural tilt-shift?
Here’s an example – the above picture I took this afternoon makes both the new part of King’s Cross station (the modern bit on the far left side) and, more especially, St Pancras International station (the red brick building straight ahead) look almost like a model – the kind of effect one would get with tilt-shift lenses!
Certainly the alignments of the buildings has helped my camera lens to compress the viewing distances in such a way that the effect has become apparent. A suitable lens with far more critical depth of field (eg a really wide aperture) may achieve a better result. Anyone?