IMG 8803 - Clothes & shoes & people

Here are some images I took during two visits to the Pure Festival at London’s Olympia. I was pleasantly surprised to learn Cape Town had sent 20 businesses up to Pure Festival. CTFC’s website says “Twenty curated designers have been selected to participate in what is described as the UK’s [most] dynamic fashion and footwear gathering.”
The following pictures represent just a small section of the CTFC’s representation at Pure Festival.IMG 8791 - Clothes & shoes & people
Daddy & Fox’s
director, Saskia. The company is based in Stellenbosch, a really lovely part of the Cape Province with its wine yards and mountains.
IMG 8793 - Clothes & shoes & people
A corner of the CTFC’s section showing work from Jagadi Coutre, a company based in the centre of Cape Town.
IMG 8797 - Clothes & shoes & people
The very attractive Thabo Makhetha, who is a clothes designer from Port Elizabeth.
Next its shoes. These two businesses in the same corner of Pure Festival come from Spain and Battersea.
IMG 8541 1 - Clothes & shoes & people
The businesss partners from La Veintinueve, a Barcelona based company who specialises in retro shoe wear.
IMG 8803 - Clothes & shoes & people
A selection of retro shoes from La Veintinueve on display at Pure Festival.
IMG 8799 - Clothes & shoes & people
Battersea meets Barcelona! Both La Veintinueve’s and Yull’s ladies enjoy a birthday cake. Whose birthday was it? That would be telling! 🙂
IMG 8811 - Clothes & shoes & people
The Yull stall at Pure Festival. The company is named after its director, Sarah who is on the left.
IMG 8810 - Clothes & shoes & people
A selection of shoes from Yull. The company was set up with support from the Prince’s Trust. Yull’s website informs us it is an independent brand that specialises in high heels.