IMG 8496 - Busk Festival

The Busk in London Festival – Trafalgar Square Saturday 18 July.
IMG 0711 - Busk Festival
A Mary Poppins man? (ie a chimney sweep.) Bertie?
IMG 8385 - Busk Festival
Having a bit of fun by the fountains!
IMG 8379 - Busk Festival
Typical fayre for the kids, but the adults enjoy too 🙂
IMG 8370 - Busk Festival
Is Nelson amused I wonder? Noises, jokes, merriment, all totally out of order….
IMG 8402 - Busk Festival
Attractive violinist’s pre-study fundraiser stint
IMG 8496 - Busk Festival
Guys and gals from Focal Local at their annual Trafalgar Sq free hugs day