MG 2043 - Men standing in boxes

MG 2008 - Men standing in boxes
The sculptures known as ‘Standing Man,’ by Sean Henry, created 2003, are a well known feature at Paddington Central (best known to most as London’s Little Venice) stand in the shadow of the A40 (M) viaduct over the Grand Union Canal.Recently both Standing Men were boxed in for local works hence its odd to see both men peering out from the top of their boxes! Probably not an addition Sean Henry would have envisaged nevertheless it makes a difference!MG 2043 - Men standing in boxesView from the man nearest the canal to the man nearest to Monsoon building.
MG 2027 - Men standing in boxes
Close-up of the westernmost man’s face.
MG 2036 - Men standing in boxes
Close-up of the face nearest the canal.
MG 2010 - Men standing in boxes
Boxed in!
MG 2021 - Men standing in boxes
Selfie time!

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Julia Iskandar

Thank you, londonaspie, wonderful photos, I’m now housebound with multple sclerosis but went around these places when still mobile, lovely to see them from your perspective!