IMG 8294 - Removing the Paddington Bears

IMG 9970 - Removing the Paddington BearsThe final moments of the Paddington Bears in the heart of London – by 1LondonBlog – a record for prosperity!
On the 30th December I decided to head for the bears in Chinatown, Leicester Sq and Trafalgar Sq as the only pics I had of these were at night time. When I arrived at Trafalgar Square Bear of London was already being loaded onto the nearby Pickfords van.
IMG 9971 - Removing the Paddington Bears
In this view of the Pickfords van can be seen Primrose Paddington, Bear of London and Paddington the Explorer. Sticky Wicket is out of sight at the rear.
IMG 8233 - Removing the Paddington Bears
I found the removals team once again at Horse Guards Parade, so I followed their work as they proceeded to remove Paddington Jack (by Cabinet War Rooms) Paddington is Great (Downing Street) and Good News Bear (Parliament Square.)
The larger vehicle stood in Horse Guards Parade while the small lorry went round collecting the bears
IMG 0004 - Removing the Paddington Bears
Picture of one of the removals team with Paddington Jack outside the Cabinet War Rooms. His name is James as far as I gather, so that’s two J’s there!
clip7w - Removing the Paddington Bears
Paddington Jack being prepared for removal.
IMG 8239 - Removing the Paddington Bears
The Paddington Bears seen on the van at Trafalgar Square were Sticky Wicket, Primrose Paddington, Bear of London and Paddington the Explorer. However only three were seen at Horse Guards Parade on the larger Pickfords lorry, these were Primrose Paddington, Sticky Wicket and Bear of London.
What happened to Paddington the Explorer I dont know, perhaps it was found to be in perfect condition and thus dispatched to storage immediately? No damage of any sort to this particular bear as my photos show.
Joining the three bears on the Pickfords lorry was Paddington Jack from outside the Cabinet War Rooms.
Next in line for removal – Paddington is Great at Downing Street/Whitehall.
IMG 8250 - Removing the Paddington Bears
Unusually among the 50 bears, Paddington is Great followed a different procedure. All the others were unlocked with a master key the removals staff had. Security at Downing Street was so tight the locks on Paddington is Great could only be unlocked with a key held in 10 Downing Street.
IMG 8255 - Removing the Paddington Bears
As the above picture shows, one of the Prime Minister’s staff was tasked with the unlocking of the bear’s base. This gives access to the eight weights which need to be retrieved before the bear statues can be removed.
clip2 fhdrcrp - Removing the Paddington Bears
clip3 fhdrcrp - Removing the Paddington Bears
Heavy stuff! The weights from Paddington is Great see the light of day for the first time since 4th November.
clip4 fhdrcrp - Removing the Paddington Bears
Putting Paddington is Great on the trolley.
clip1 fhdrcrp - Removing the Paddington Bears
Process is slow as people take last minute chance to get photos before the bears vanish completely from London’s streets.
clip5 fhdrcrp - Removing the Paddington Bears
The logo on the back of Paddington is Great as he is transported across the Whitehall pavement to the Pickfords van.
clip6crp - Removing the Paddington Bears
Loading onto the Pickfords van in Whitehall.
IMG 8272 - Removing the Paddington Bears
Downing Street’s Paddington the Great is no more, a brief reminder is this patch which will soon be dried & cleaned by the City of Westminster street staff.
IMG 8292 - Removing the Paddington Bears
A final look at Paddington is Great in the back of the removals van.
IMG 8278 - Removing the Paddington Bears
Good News Bear’s final moments as the Pickfords van arrives at the opposite side of Great George Street.
IMG 8294 - Removing the Paddington Bears
The removals team assess Good News bear. The lady on the left travelled with the removals guys – recording each bear and logging any that was found.
IMG 8284 - Removing the Paddington Bears
Rear of Good News Bear showing damage inflicted by unknown people. In this case the layers of newspaper were shaved off, perhaps scraped off willfully.
A number of bears recieved minor damage and they were to be taken back to the studios for repair – before being prepared and sent on to their new owners after January 7th 2015.
IMG 8297 - Removing the Paddington Bears
Paddington Trail seekers still taking their chance before Good News Bear is put in the Pickfords van.
IMG 8309 - Removing the Paddington Bears
More last minute photo opportunities in Great George Street!
IMG 8288 - Removing the Paddington Bears
One of my favourite pictures of the Paddington Bears – Good News Bear during its final moments in London’s streets.
London never got to see any of the bears in the snow 🙁
There was more than one removals team. This particular group I followed took Primrose Paddington, Sticky Wicket, Paddington the Explorer, Bear of London, Paddington Jack, Paddington is Great and Good News Bear.

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Karolyn Cooper

Great photos. It’s more interesting to see the removal of the bears, than just to see them standing still. I’m putting a link to your post on my own blog today.


Thanks for the link to my blog 🙂 Good to see your blog too, & a pic of Maya Bear b4 it got vandalised.


Another blog about Paddington bear at Distant Drumlin