IMG 8449 - Last of Paddington's Bears

Paddingtonscape in Norfolk Square – one of a few bear statues to spend another night in London.
30th December 2014 was the day the 50 Paddington Bears were removed from London’s streets. Well most of them! Within the environs of Paddington Station just two remained tonight. Futuristic Robot Bear, Brick Bear, The Mayor of Paddington, Texting Paddington & Paddington, have all gone. Spending just one more night here are Paddingtonscape and Love, Paddington x.
IMG 8453 - Last of Paddington's Bears
Love, Paddington x, seen in Rembrandt Gardens from the canal towpath, on its additional night as an exhibit in London’s public spaces.
IMG 8470 - Last of Paddington's Bears
Another view of Love, Paddington x, showing Rembrandt Gardens and the canal – aka Little Venice.
Dont forget three of the bears will be on show until 4th January at Selfridges.