IMG 9354 - London's museum fish

Few people take pictures of these relief marine creatures in London’s Natural History Museum. They are up high on pillars – perhaps thats why!
IMG 9348 - London's museum fish
They are described as terracotta animals. Alfred Waterhouse, the museum’s architect, designed these fine representations of extinct marine life.
IMG 9354 - London's museum fish
These animals were created at the same time the museum was built 1873-81.
IMG 9359 - London's museum fish
They can be seen in various parts of the museum, especially in the shop, the minerals room and a couple of other halls.
IMG 9362 - London's museum fish
These terracotta museum fish are not as well known as its terracotta monkeys and other animals which are far more prominent.
IMG 9363 - London's museum fish
Natural History Museum in London.

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