1926ma - Bibi - London 1926

In the past week several sources have discussed the new Photographer Gallery exhibition on Jacques Henri Lartigue and his wife, Bibi.
photogal - Bibi - London 1926
The exhibition runs until January 2014
A number of photographs taken in London show Bibi at recognisable London spots. However the one shown below has its location uncredited. To me its clear this is the junction at Marble Arch with Edgware Road.
bibi1926 - Bibi - London 1926
Lartigue’s wife Bibi at the junction with Edgware Rd, Marble Arch, London, 1926
Edgware Road is off picture to the right, Bayswater Road is straight ahead and the now demolished perimeter wall of Hyde Park is in the background.
1926ma - Bibi - London 1926Old postcard showing the 1926 location where Lartigue took his picture.
The postcard has a cross (marked red) this shows where Bibi stood. The red circle marks approximately the spot where Lartigue took the photograph.
A month ago I blogged on the fact that the photography world completely missed out on the 100th anniversary of one of Lartigue’s, even the photography world’s, most famous photographs.
A wheely distorted photograph’s 100th anniversary