IMG 8087 - The Saint Pancras (Matilda) Fountain

IMG 8105 - The Saint Pancras (Matilda) Fountain
Matilda the milkmaid
This sculpture must be the Regent’s Park Arts Frieze most unknown contribution!
Ignored by hordes of Frieze art lovers passing by, it was only being noticed when people spotted me taking photographs…..
IMG 8107 - The Saint Pancras (Matilda) Fountain
Please, I’m thirsty, filthy, no-one loves me…
In 1878 Joseph Durham sculpted this bronze milkmaid. She was the wife of a local churchman.
Nowdays the monument is quite uncared for, & in desperate need of water to bring it life. Very sad.
IMG 8087 - The Saint Pancras (Matilda) Fountain
General view of the Saint Pancras fountain, which is quite near Camden Town
Location: Gloucester Gate, Regent’s Park, London NW1.