beatles2 - Beatles at the Palladium
IMG 68801 - Beatles at the Palladium
London Palladium, in Argyll Street, just off Regent Street/Oxford Circus
Fifty Years ago the Beatles appeared at the London Palladium – and so began the height of ‘Beatlemania.’ The date? Sunday 13th October 1963.
beatles1 - Beatles at the Palladium
Palladium performance October 1963 – Pic from 103.7TheLoon
The Palladium slot was a Sunday night live show broadcast to over 15 million people. Four songs were played: From Me to You, I’ll Get You, She Loves You, Twist and Shout.
Few pictures of the 1963 performance exist.
beatles2 - Beatles at the Palladium
Beatles at a later Palladium performance – January 1964. From The Gilly
The show’s finale always consisted of a rotating stage with the words ‘Sunday Night At The London Palladium.’ In the above picture host Bruce Forsyth is seen with George, Ringo, Paul and John by the letters that form ‘Night At.’
Few motion images exist of the closing stage of the Sunday Night show, however this video at You Tube shows the rotating stage in use from a 1960 broadcast (starts at 26.20.)
The October 1963 event made with rave reviews and fan numbers increased exponentially. Beatlemania became a world-wide phenomenon that continunes to this day.
You Tube has this recording of the Beatles Palladium performance (sound only)
A bit of fun stuff: The Beatles leaving the Palladium, pursued by fans!