DSC03244 - Shoreditch Portraiture Project (Part 3)

The final part of the article covering the Shoreditch Streets Portraiture project.
To recap, the project ran throughout most of 2002, taking in many iconic areas around London’s East End. The final selection of photographs were exhibited at the Spitz gallery near Liverpool Street in November 2002.
DSC02392 - Shoreditch Portraiture Project (Part 3)
Donna is the one with Stevie Wonder’s ‘Isnt She Lovely’ tattoos on her arms. These were done in remembrance of her goddaughter who died aged just eight. Donna’s image made the list of portraits for the Spitz exhibition.
DSC02420 - Shoreditch Portraiture Project (Part 3)
In the ‘Banglatown’ section of Brick Lane during Sept 2002 there was a Bangladeshi festival. This colourful band made a potentially good subject, but alas the composition did not make the gallery exhibition.
DSC02466 - Shoreditch Portraiture Project (Part 3)
The woman with her lovely baby was taken in Princelet Street – as were the Bangladeshi band. Princelet and adjacent streets retain much of their Victorian identity. Nowadays these are jovial areas whereas in the dark Victorian decades these streets must have been full of fear, being frequented by Jack the Ripper.
DSC03244 - Shoreditch Portraiture Project (Part 3)
These twins were one of the last subjects that made the gallery selection.
Many pictures did not make the Spitz gallery despite people’s wishes as the judges at Croydon College had a final say on the choices of photographs.
DSC05342 - Shoreditch Portraiture Project (Part 3)
Getting the gallery ready for the exhibition
The Spitz Gallery was a noted arts place within the Spitalfields Market. Sadly the venue was closed some years ago as part of the area’s redevelopment.
DSC05431 - Shoreditch Portraiture Project (Part 3)
Launching the Shoreditch Streets Portraiture exhibition in November 2002
DSC05398 - Shoreditch Portraiture Project (Part 3)
Visitors to the exhibition on the opening evening
DSC05404 - Shoreditch Portraiture Project (Part 3)
Barry the carrier bag man, Nobby the boxer & daughter by the winning photograph, which was of Nobby and his dog.
Here’s a chapter from Listening With Our Eyes – Portraiture as urban encounter by Les Back in Picturing The Social Landscape: Visual Methods and the Sociological Imagination, edited by Caroline Knowles & Paul Sweetman.
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