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A look at photographers who have autism/asperger’s. This follows on from my previous blog covering both autistic and asperger photographers.
sexybacks - Autism photographers round-up (2)
James Price’s Sexy Backs for Autism Project
Perhaps the most famous asperger photographer (at least in the southern hemisphere) is James Price, a fashion photographer. Previously of New Zealand, he has now moved to Australia. His Sexy Backs for Autism project is described as an “organic photography project to help raise awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorders.”
jamesprice - Autism photographers round-up (2)
James Price (Australia/New Zealand)
Update – It seems James is no longer doing photography. His website now links to estate agency.

Next is Milton Keynes based Nicola Fry, whose portraits have a natural difference – reinforced by the use of natural lighting. Its not always easy to do good portraiture without lighting, but Nicky is one who has acquired a particular skill in this genre.
Nicolafry - Autism photographers round-up (2)
Nicky Fry (Milton Keynes, UK)
Nicola’s work has been published on the front cover of Time Magazine (May 2009) it featured one of her portraits for autism, and complements her article in the magazine.
time - Autism photographers round-up (2)
Nicola Fry/Time May 2009

Last but not least, is Patrick Welch, from the USA, whom I’ve featured on my blog. Patrick’s work is an interesting mixture of aircraft, motorcycles, cars, trains, events & nature.
patrickwelch - Autism photographers round-up (2)
Patrick Welch (USA)
Patrick attends a lot of events and many of these I find interesting, including the re-enactments of the American civil war. Below we see one of his examples of confederates marching to battle. These images were taken with film, not digital media. Patrick’s Sears KSX Super camera was used for these compositions. The Sears cameras were made by Ricoh, and are a good, solid, reliable 35mm camera.
battle - Autism photographers round-up (2)