IMG 6661 - Serpentine Sackler preview

Pictures from a visit to the Serpentine Sackler Gallery yesterday (26 Sept)
IMG 6716 - Serpentine Sackler preview
The gallery officially opens to the public tomorrow (Saturday 28th September)
IMG 6703 - Serpentine Sackler preview
Graceful curves of new roof over the cafe, designed by Zaha Hadid
IMG 6662 - Serpentine Sackler preview
Interior of cafe/restaurant/secondary exhibition area – designed by Zaha Hadid
The galleries themselves have become the art installation, as is the usual Serpentine policy. The entire floor throughout the gallery section is lined with hand made bricks, carefully reinforcing Rojas’ ideas of re-using materials.
IMG 6661 - Serpentine Sackler preview
The galleries’ entrance lobby- featuring Adrián Villar Rojas’ elephant

The elephant is in my view, one of the better arts installations I have seen in a while and its a favourite. Its very unusual yet serves both an aesthetic and functional purpose, giving us the idea that the entire gallery is propped up by its gargantuan efforts. Clearly the exhibition’s highlight.
DSCF0307 - Serpentine Sackler previewThe interior of the powder vaults
The building was once a gunpowder and magazine store. The two huge vaults with walls several feet thick constitute the central galleries. One is left more as it is whilst the other contains a fantastic array of works by Rojas. I wont say what as no spoilers intended 🙂
Reviews of the gallery includes this by the Telegraph which claims the gallery is “aggressive and banal.” Not a view I agree with.
Here’s another review from Arts Desk.