DSC01883 - Shoreditch Portraiture Project (Part 2)

Brick Lane is divided into three areas – being the market in the north part, co-operative cafes/drinks/food in the middle & Indian/Bangladeshi Restaurants to the south. A truly cosmopolitan area with charm and cultural diversity.
DSC01883 - Shoreditch Portraiture Project (Part 2)
Petticoat Lane: Whilst most images were from Brick Lane, some work was done at Columbia Road Flower Market and Middlesex Street, aka ‘Petticoat Lane’ Market. The latter was visited in August 2002.
Petticoat Lane is so busy some photos had to be taken at the rear of the stalls – in the pic above Tony is seen composing shots of Barry carrier bag man from within this luggage stall in order to gain the composure required.
DSC01895 - Shoreditch Portraiture Project (Part 2)
Preparing the large format shots for Barry the Tesco carrier bag man.
On the same day as Barry the Carrier Bag man, we had these parents (pic below) with really weird hairstyles but nevertheless they made good subjects.
punky - Shoreditch Portraiture Project (Part 2)
Petticoat Lane provided one of the project’s most interesting shots. This family from Norbury (below) had come to the market to find some clothes. From many shots taken of the group, the females, Zarina and Shireen, made a fine portrait that constituted the final 36 or so shots for the Spitz Gallery Exhibition.
DSC01888 - Shoreditch Portraiture Project (Part 2)The family from Norbury
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