rockinghorse - London's 'British Lion' 1909/2012

Summer of 2012 – I was asked to do a brief project as a homage to a photographer. After some thought I choose Alvin Langdon Coburn and his iconic London at the turn-of-century pictures, particularly those of Trafalgar Square.
tumblr inline mgsaxbjmbv1rp9syo - London's 'British Lion' 1909/2012
Coburn’s “British Lion”
tumblr inline mgsb9xPQS41rp9syo - London's 'British Lion' 1909/2012
London Aspie’s 2012 version
Who was Coburn? Wikipedia says: “Alvin Langdon Coburn (June 11, 1882 – November 23, 1966) was an early 20th century photographer who became a key figure in the development of American pictorialism. He became the first major photographer to emphasize the visual potential of elevated viewpoints and later made some of the first completely abstract photographs.”
Coburn later became a British citizen and settled in North Wales. Although it is thought he gave up photography entirely having destroyed over 15,000 negatives in the 1930’s, the George Eastman Collection holds has a large collection of Coburn’s work which shows he was active right up to 1966, the year he died.
In terms of homages, further compositions in the style of Coburn’s bichromates were created. Here are a couple:
tumblr inline mgsbfwQdT81rp9syo - London's 'British Lion' 1909/2012
National Portrait Gallery Bichromate
tumblr inline mgsbgegv7D1rp9syo - London's 'British Lion' 1909/2012
Powerless Structures Fig: 101 (Boy on a Rocking Horse) bichromate
Note: Coburn’s British Lion is generally believed to have been taken during 1909, however some sources suggest it was 1904/05.