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UPDATE 29 March 2020:

Assume many will have seen the news re the repainting of the Abbey Road crossing and thinking, ‘well that’s not the authentic crossing anymore!’ Its a quite considerable concern! However it hasn’t been moved but it’s been improved, enhanced, new beacon lights, new electronics, the white stripes repainted over and over (photographs of which I have – really a new post needs to be written on this!) Essentially it hasn’t been the original crossing anyway for many years. What is important in my view, is it should not be moved – because that will really spoil it in terms of the crossing’s historic connections with the studios and the Beatles.

How this post originally came about:

I had a message to say I had used the pictures for this post without credit. So I hunted for the original because it was actually an essay for a diploma on a course I was doing and it formed a presentation I did for college in 2012. It was originally done in a format for printing into a presentation book but I dunked it in favour of one about Trafalgar Square. However in the original I had indeed given references/credit to the various sources.

Here’s the original as it was done in June 2012. It was published in an enhanced format (which I no longer have) in February 2013. I tidied up the post, probably five or six years ago, as I thought the original layout was too poor and I think with the constant process of having to save this blog each year on a completely new one pound hosting server (thats six or so servers now since I tried to turn this blog into a more better looking one rather than being based on Tumblr and having to restore it each time each single damn year, a process which I am only just getting to grips with this last couple of years – what it means is every every year I have had to relocate and rehost the blog which means downloading and uploading it all over each time and the correcting bugs and the likes) – which means I had obviously trimmed it not realising the references in question had been overlooked.

Thats one of the lovely things about being unemployed and no-one wanting us crips to have a job of any sort… especially not those with learning disabilities and communication difficulties….) in that annual process of pages getting trimmed or changed about to make corrections or the presentation of the blog look a bit better just to prove I could do something that had a presentable look and was something normal people did.

Oh yes and I even tried Patreon because I wanted to end the depressing annual cycle of having to source some cheap one pound host to keep the blog going. And what happened? No-one wants to give anything. Not a surprise. Its known people would rather support bloggers and vloggers who can speak, hear (those two senses especially), walk normally, act normally and the rest of it – because let’s face it – those with ability are so much nicer to look at and communicate with than those of us who aren’t that kind of way!

As of 3rd February 2020 this post is now presented how it was originally in 2012-2013 (the images of the original are shown below) are when it was a photographic presentation essay on Tumblr. It was presented on Tumbler because we were instructed to do it in both a printable format as well as an online, blog type, format. That’s how this blog began! The images are embedded from Tumblr. Note the references to the various sources.

Further, I cant appreciate any of the Beatles music so am simply no expert of any sort on them. People wouldn’t want a profoundly deaf, non verbal, awkward walking, autistic person to be an expert on music! Yeah. Sod us crips. We’re no good for anything! I couldn’t even tell you what a guitar strum sounded like or whether vocals being sung were great or not. None of that means anything to me! I only wrote about Abbey Road because I thought it would be nice and thats why I have done posts occasionally on it. Big mistake! I can assure you there are better blogs out there on the Beatles because those people can hear, speak, vlog, conduct oral interviews, podcasts, sing, play instruments and really appreciate the Fab Four 🙂

The original format for my diploma presentation

The introductory notes I wrote for my lecturers re my Abbey Road homage for our photography diploma:

This was originally my first idea for a homage. Perhaps I should have done it as I enjoyed going up there and taking photographs.

I went over there on four different occasions and began to write up research notes and an essay. The photographic work and research was done between 22nd June and 22nd July.

Doubts however began to emerge for many reasons. The first was that Abbey Road has been featured in hundreds of homages. Its not exactly a location for homages anymore. Its been filmed many times. It was featured this summer with many Olympic athlete teams doing their bit on the crossing. Clearly everyone from all points around the world wants to have pictures of the crossing in the same style as the Beatles did on their Abbey Road LP cover.

I began to look at the arguments whether the crossing was the original one or whether it had been moved and this formed the basis of the first part of my homage essay.

Ultimately I decided against doing Abbey Road, even though I also liked the idea very much. I began to realise that it would be very difficult to pick a theme or create a cohesive homage, and I think it might be a better homage if its a collaboration providing a stronger base of ideas and creative input.

Despite dropping the idea of Abbey Road as a homage, I still have six pages of the beginnings of a homage project on this before I decided to switch to Trafalgar Square. These pages include the research and photography taken to prove that the present crossing is indeed in the original location as the 1969 one. 

These are the original images which I found from Tumblr in February 2020:

tumblr mb68rx1ClO1rp9syo - Abbey Road - the crossing's authenticity
tumblr mb68shHyrZ1rp9syo - Abbey Road - the crossing's authenticity
tumblr mb68sxk6VW1rp9syo - Abbey Road - the crossing's authenticity
tumblr mb68t9jK141rp9syo - Abbey Road - the crossing's authenticity
tumblr mb68tl5mXM1rp9syo - Abbey Road - the crossing's authenticity
tumblr mb68tyXbcl1rp9syo - Abbey Road - the crossing's authenticity