photogallery - Shoot! Existential Photography

Finally made my way to the Photographers Gallery for Shoot! Just in time for the exibition closed just a day later on 6th Jan 2013!
Despite some misgivings I actually enjoyed the fun of the fair! The best bits in my opinion were the series depicting Erik Kessels at a funfair’s shooting gallery (mostly in Tilburg) from 1936 to the present and Christian Marclay’s ‘Crossfire.’
Here’s a short review of ‘Crossfire’ by the Photographers Gallery.
Other links related to Shoot! include an interview and essay by curator Clément Chéroux.
I’ve made several references to the Photographers’ Gallery within the pages of London Aspie since its beginnings back in May 2012, and even have an interview with one of its resident photographers, Kate Elliott.