d300 - Massively doctored images - are they photographs?

As the Daily Mail reports, David Byrne’s composition for Landscape Photographer of the Year won him the prestigious award. However he was discovered to have massively photo-shopped his winning image.
To achieve such a result, the sun needed to be in two places at the same time! The low-res image sampled from the Daily Mail’s page and depicted below shows this. As a result of this impossibility, Byrne’s award was withdrawn.
tumblr md5f4o8DRF1rp9syo - Massively doctored images - are they photographs?
I am sure there are many examples like this, which removes one from being a real photographer. Its time to give this kind of ‘photography’ a new name – example; ‘Photo-illustration’. This makes it clear it is not quite photography and not quite illustration, but somewhere in between.
There isnt anything wrong with giving photographs a bit of kick, this has been the practice ever since photography was born. However, its the creation of a new genre we are discussing, and this should not be considered part of photography, nor photographic competitions.
I think its time to define the various areas of photography once again, separating the wheat from the chaff, now we’ve Photoshop & other apps which are everyday tools for mega-doses of photo-manipulation.
List of revised competition winners.