d300n - Existential Photography Competition

Competition? About Existential Photography? Yes, why not!
Actually its a competition that has ended – but one which I’ve just discovered. (perhaps this is the gist of all ends having a new beginning LOL)
Digital Photography Review has just run a competition: The existential photographer – reveal yourself.
Digital Photographer says of its competition “Without a meaning the photos are nothing but pixels. The photographer projects himself/herself in the picture to create a meaning. The viewers again create a meaning through their own lenses of prejudice, judgement and memory. In the end what we find that existence of a photo is always particular, unique and individual.”
Sum great pics to be seen on DP’s website, including this one that I think is great:
tumblr mcgx9kcWqJ1rp9syo - Existential Photography Competition
Taken by Dutch photographer ‘Pottenbakker,’ the text says “Picture taken in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, it is a reflection of me in a large parabolic mirror made of tiny pieces of glass.”
Some brief stats of pic: Nikon D700, 28 mm, 1/30 sec, F6.3, 6400.