d300n - Why I am an existentialist photographer

Why I am an existentialist photographer?
Why not?
Lets look at this from another perspective.
Famous British philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote a book on why he was not a Christian.
Marx wrote copiously on his philosophies but he claimed he was not a Marxist.
Has anyone ever written a book along the lines of ‘Why I am not a photographer?’ And yet taken so many photographs, even wrote about them?
I suppose one could be both photographer and non-photographer. It’s like the split duality of the photon in the double slit experiment.
“To be or not to be…” (As the Bard would’ve said.)
“Throw the bloody ladder away!” (this is what Wittgenstein might have said – in other words get rid of the ‘photographer.’)
(A point of Wittgenstein’s was that people should stop making language so much more than it really is. It’s like the Buddhist who was asked to give his broomstick a name, and instead threw this away.)
Perhaps we should all throw our cameras away, and stop being photographers?
Knowing how many of us ‘photographers’ love our cameras, it would be a hard done task.
It certainly would bring produce existential crisis. My camera! My camera! Wherefore art thou?
It transpires that an unconscious fear of such a crisis is just exactly what drives most of us into enjoying our photography work.
Where would we be without our cameras? Clearly we are all existentialist photographers.
(This is another take on Why am I not a photographer?)