hampton2012 - Wiggo (with a bit of 'Enry) at Hampton Court

tumblr m8lz0l1G4I1rp9syo - Wiggo (with a bit of 'Enry) at Hampton Court
During two visits to Hampton Court in the summer of 2012 I was able to see the throne (pictured above) that made Bradley Wiggins famous (or was it he who made Hampton Court’s 2012 thrones famous???)
tumblr m8lz40wIKy1rp9syo - Wiggo (with a bit of 'Enry) at Hampton Court
Long queues formed, as sports lovers and bike enthusiasts alike waited to have their photo taken Wiggo-style on the thrones, complete with V for victory gestures.
The thrones were not from the palace itself, but were hired from a stage company. Intended for just a few days’ stay at Hampton Court, the thrones’ immense popularity encouraged organisers to permit an extended stay, thus enabling hundreds of people to pay their respects to our Olympic Gold cycling champions of 2012.
tumblr m8lz5swLKn1rp9syo - Wiggo (with a bit of 'Enry) at Hampton Court
One famous personality, Henry the Eighth, was commandeered by the palace from normal duties and took his place on the throne once again – after an absence of more than 450 years! Somehow I dont think he was much of a bike enthusiast back in his own time!
tumblr m8lz6c6qpc1rp9syo - Wiggo (with a bit of 'Enry) at Hampton Court
Here’s one of my pictures showing our ‘Enry striding across the main courtyard en route to one of the palace’s regular open air performances.