4444 - We are image manipulators

Photographers are plainly what one would call ‘image manipulators.’ Part of the great enjoyment of photography is the skill of being able to manipulate the scene and the lighting, until the best is brought out in the picture that is being taken.

Essentially photographers dont just take a picture, they change the scene. Make it look better, more interesting, more blurry, more colourful, more sexy. That is what photography is all about. It is about getting the best from an image, which is no bad thing. There is the sense of having worked hard, but also a satisfaction, in creating these images for the viewer.

It is said that a picture tells a thousand words. Clearly the better the photograph is, the more enthralling it becomes and the more stories it can relate to observers. The photographer’s desire to manipulate the image is not only about getting a great shot but its also about having the tools that make a picture into a fantastic storybook.

If photographers did not do this, a lot of the things in our world which seem quite ordinary would not take on new perspectives nor delegate new, previously unseen, information.

Our lives are spent practically going off in all directions (earth spins, it travels round sun, solar system hurtles through space, the galaxy spins ecetera) and at the same time we are dragged and bent by gravity. Reality manipulates itself in so many ways we are not aware of, hence the more we understand about what is going on around us, the better.

Visual media becomes the means to an end. We are manipulating how our world looks, we are making the world look better than it really is, we are collecting and giving out new information and data for the eyes and brain to take in and process.

tumblr m6ci7hoUox1rp9syo - We are image manipulators
Numbers become apparent in many ways. This recent photo of mine zoomed & grouped several ‘44’s.

We become aware of things that were not previously obvious. We enjoy the processes and the learning. We find satisfaction in creating photographs, pictures,  movies and graphics. As photographers we should be showing our pictures at exhibitions because this in turn creates an enlightenment benefiting both the photographer and viewer.