d300n - The end of DSLR photography?

Not another argument! We’ve already been through film vs digital, pixel vs quality, and other vagaries. Now one newspaper claims the end is nigh for the DSLR camera!
tumblr m5w0prbAf41rp9syo - The end of DSLR photography?
The Orlando Sentinel says “Mobile photography is pushing point-and-shoot cameras into obscurity.”
Is this true? There seems to be some grain of truth in this especially when we read the recent reviews made of the new Nokia mobile phone Pureview 808. This comes with a 41megapixel camera. That is far in excess of the largest DLSRs! The largest of all was the Hasselblad H3DII-39 medium format style camera which had 39 megapixels and this has lost ground to the new Nokia mobile.
Portability is very important these days, and the better quality portable equipment there is, the better. Often one comes across an event where a DSLR can prove to be a bit cumbersome, but a handy mobile phone is no doubt found far more useful.
I dont somehow think DSLR’s will fall by the wayside just because of the Nokia Pureview 808, its more likely that each will find a niche market – the mobile for portability (and this could be one mobile which I am sure many professional photographers will be happy to own) whilst the DSLR will be better suited to what would be mainly dedicated shoots – such as events, studio or landscape.