burntysky - Burtynsky revisited

I noticed two articles today in the online media around Edward Burtynsky and his work. The Telegraph has a photo gallery of his work at the Telegraph which shows his gallery work, whilst The Atlantic details an interview with Burtynsky and his exhibition which will be shown at the Nevada Museum of Art: The Atlantic
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One of the themes of the interview in The Atlantic newspaper with Burtynsky is he reveals his plans to move into film work: “Well, I am starting to work with film. I haven’t filmed independently yet, but I am currently in the process of co-directing a film.”
He then adds “There are things that I’m taking still photographs of that probably aren’t going to translate very well onto film, and there are things that I can’t make stills of that are better suited to be filmed — and then there are subjects that can handle both.”
Burtnsky says most of his work at the moment involves water so film is a good medium to illustrate this rather than photography.
tumblr m5vrjcGfmp1rp9syo - Burtynsky revisited
If you haven’t seen Burtnsky’s work – Oil – now is always a good time to go and see this! This most interesting exhibition will have you thinking about our oil production – and the dystopian landscapes that are created as a result of our obsession with the fossil fuel. It’s on show at the Photographer’s Gallery in Central London until June 1st. Information can be found at Photographer’s Gallery