d300 - Camera Obscura Illusion

A camera obscura is a sort of an old worldy thing that enabled people to have a 3D view of the surrounding area. There’s one in Edinburgh and another in Portmeirion.
The modern form of camera obscura happens to be some bugger getting in your way whilst trying to take that prize winning photograph!
Thank goodness we now have things like photoshop – we can manipulate the photograph and eliminate the cheeky bugger of an obscura.
Photoshopping is not quite so new. Think about it, we are always ‘photoshopping’ that is, changing, adding, taking away. Street scenes constantly change and people come and go, the lighting changes constantly and the weather alters too. But not only that, our brains are f**king good liars and changes a scene a bit here and there, tweaking a colour or two – and perhaps making you miss the opportunity to capture a lovely scene.
You might think you are actively involved in the conscious decisions behind the taking of photographs,but you’d be surprised at how much of the time you are being fooled!
In fact humans are not really very actively involved in many aspects of their daily lives, they just like to think they are, which is another damn great deception the brain plays!
Life is a constant series of photoshopped myths.