d300n - The existential photographer

I decided to quickly look around the net and see if there were any articles or blogs related to existential photography…There do not really seem to be any pages that directly address the existentialism of photography.
Nevertheless I found the following blog article interesting: “A Photographic Existential Question: Integrating Photography, Happiness, and Sociology.” The author extols one to spread one’s love of photography to others. That seems a good way to go about things, to really prove that one is not an existentialist photographer! Eric Kim Photography
Another one is Camera Reality (domain no longer valid) which tells us that “it is only through a distance that we can understand the world.” That sounds a good one, a photographer is often, but not always, a remote observer. The world is observed mostly through a camera, which means a photographer is quite removed from the real world about them.
I have always said that seeing the world through a camera or a video cam always seems far more real than seeing it through one’s own eyes. It’s probably because one cannot capture the real world and memories fade or become inaccurate. With recorded media the existient world is captured in many ways, and essences, though not entirely of course. But it means that we have captured something that can be looked at, remembered more strongly, appreciated in more depth, so on.
If an event occurs it is in fact a fleeting passing of time. It is impossible to capture these fleeting moments in time hence a camera is the useful tool by which we can manage to record passings of time, but at the same time we also remove ourselves to a certain extent from the event itself.