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London Bus Photos – Route 8a, 35 & 37
Route 8a – Old Ford to London Bridge; Route 35 - Clapton Pond to Clapham Common; Route 37 - Hounslow ...
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The new Moorgate station – accessibility
The new Moorgate entrance hall/ticketing areas, which are part of the Crossrail/Elizabeth Line construction process, opened earlier this week, and ...
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Lightfield at Marble Arch
The Marble Arch Hill (or Mound), located at the western end of London's famous Oxford Street, is becoming more interesting! ...
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Moorgate station’s new entrance opens!
The new Elizabeth Line (also combined Great Northern and London Underground) entrance at Moorgate opened nearly three years late on ...
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London’s cutest signal gantry?
As an aside to London's unique concrete signal gantries which I've written about a couple of times, here's one steel ...
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The Cat and Dogs’ Meat shop
Some of my readers are probably familiar with Wolfgang Suschitzky's photograph The Cat and Dogs Meat Shop. That was the ...
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A mystery DMU tunnel!
This was a true rarity! A tunnel used to stable DMUs between journeys, and as far as I know, there ...
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Oxford Circus tube station upgrade?
The last time Oxford Circus tube station was upgraded was more than fifty years ago, when the Victoria Line was ...
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Strange incident at Harlech 1694
It wasn't a UFO or a will o' the wisp - or any other unexplained phenomenon that fits the standard ...
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Crossrail reveals its inclined lifts
Four inclined lifts would be provided for Crossrail (Elizabeth Line) as is publicly known but did you know there were ...
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